CoExp WebPage is a webpage tool developed in .NET Core Framework, for the easy use of CoExp R suit-of-packages (author: Juan A. Botía) - a framework for the generation, deployment, sharing and exploitation of co-expression networks as annotation models of genes and their role in transcription.
We decided to build a web-based UI for the easy use of CoExp R suit-of-packages because it is undeniable that a web-page format is the most well-known and accepted way of browsing the Internet around the world. In this sense, we believe that a web-page structure will make CoExp's networks easily accessible to every potential user around the world, at any time and from anywhere they decide to do so.


The User Interface (UI) of CoExp WebPage has been fully developed by Sonia García-Ruiz. She is a Ph.D. student, part of the RytenLab group, and the WebMaster of CoExp WebPage. For any queries and suggestions related to the CoExp WebPage, you can reach Sonia at s.ruiz@ucl.ac.uk.
On the other hand, CoExp R suit-of-packages has been fully developed by Juan A. Botía. He is also a member of the Ryten Lab group and Professor at the University of Murcia. You can reach Prof. Botía at juanbotiablaya@gmail.com. In addition, Juan A. Botía coordinates the hosting of CoExp WebPage, which is fully allocated at the University of Murcia.
Finally, the brain behind this whole idea and the person who made this software possible is Mina Ryten, a co-expression network guru and the head of the RytenLab group.


CoExp WebPage is available to be downloaded on GitHub. Here, you can also find a tutorial explaining how to download, build and configure CoExp WebPage within a Linux environment.
CoExp R suite-of-packages (author: Juan A. Botía) is also available on GitHub.


Version: CoExp v2.0.1
Authors: Sonia García-Ruiz, Juan A. Botía and Mina Ryten
RytenLab HomePage: http://www.rytenlab.com/

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