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Gene Annotation

The table below displays in which modules, from the selected co-expression networks, have clustered together the list of genes introduced. Each row contain each one of the typed genes that have been successfully found in any of the modules belonging to the networks selected. The columns, on the other hand, show information related to the gene and the module where it has been found, including different p-values supporting that membership. The raw data that supports the generation of this data table is available to be downloaded under the three buttons placed on its upper-left-side corner.
Press 'SUMMARISE CLUSTERING' button to group the results by module.

Gene Category Network Gene Ensembl p-value Fisher p-value FDR p-value Bonferroni Module Module Membership (mm) Module Size GO Report Cell Type

Summarise Clustering

The table below displays the results grouped by module, showing the overlap of the introduced genes that have clustered together in the same module.
Press 'EXPAND RESULTS' button to come back to the original data table view.

Network Category Module Overlap Gene p-value Fisher p-value FDR p-value Bonferroni Module Size GO Report Cell Type