Getting started with CoExp WebPage application

Created: April 04, 2019
Last updated: November 22, 2019

by Juan A. Botía and Sonia García-Ruiz

CoExp WebPage is a webpage tool developed in .NET Core Framework, for the easy use of CoExp R suit-of-packages (author: Juan A. Botía) - a framework for the generation, deployment, sharing and exploitation of co-expression networks as annotation models of genes and their role in transcription.

In order to increase the ease-of-use of CoExp R suit-of-packages, we built a web-based UI because it is undeniable that a web-page format is the most well-known and accepted way of browsing the Internet around the world. In this sense, we believe that a web-page structure will make CoExp's networks easily accessible to every potential user around the world, at any time and from anywhere they decide to do so. Thus, all CoExp R suit-of-packages' models are available and ready-to-use within CoExp WebPage application, and can be accessed and used for your own research.

Finally, the main purpose of this page is to provide a detailed tutorial about how to effectively use the UI of the CoExp Webpage. This tutorial has been divided into three main sections, which are detailed below.


This is the "Getting Started" tutorial. It contains the details of the use-of-case that we are going to use throughout the whole series.


This is the second tutorial of the series. It contains information about how to use the 'Network Catalogue' tab.


This is the third tutorial of the series. It contains information about how to use the 'Gene Set Annotation' tab.